The Rijnlandroute bored tunnel – continuously improving the mechanized tunneling process

H Mortier (Dimco); M Brugman (Arthe C & S); B Peerdeman (RHDHV); T Schubert (Vinci)

For the Rijnlandroute project, the design and execution of the bored tunnel needed to implement several adaptions to the segmental lining, break-in procedure, gasket design and cross passages concept in order to cope with the encountered challenges. These challenges were due to specific circumstances such as a limitation of the gaskets’ temperature rise during a fire scenario, but also promises regarding damage free lining or a safer cross passage construction sequence, put forward during tender stage, led to necessary developments. Finally, difficulties encountered during the first period of the execution generated some alterations. This article will enlighten how all these aspects had their influence on the design and execution of the project.

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