In addition to our regular webinars, DIANA FEA also offers a wide range of training opportunities from "A General Introduction to DIANA", in-depth courses on specific subjects at our office here in Delft to on-site training for new, existing and potential customers.

Our courses consist of a balanced mixture of lectures, instruction and hands-on tutorials and are often followed with a “workshop” where existing or new users can, for example, bring along their own existing projects and work with our experts to identify best practice to model and analyse them.

If you have a request for training in a specific area, would like to find out more about one of the above courses or discuss tailor made courses, please get in contact via our Training Enquiry Form.


A General Introduction to DIANA

This course is aimed at new users of DIANA and provides an insight into the DIANA environment and its capabilities.  The course consists of a number of lectures followed by simple tutorials to give the user a taste of what can be achieved.


Finite element analysis of (Reinforced) Concrete Structures with DIANA

Course - Reinforced ConcreteThis course focuses on the application of the finite element method in structural analysis of (reinforced) concrete structures. Particular focus is placed upon nonlinear analysis of (reinforced) concrete structures, with emphasis on crack modelling and failure analysis. Delegates will learn good practice in nonlinear finite element analysis and also the criteria for choosing among different crack models available, convergence criteria and the setting of corresponding parameters.


Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis with DIANA & Advanced Earthquake Analysis with DIANA

Course - EarthquakeThese courses focus on the application of the finite element method in the analysis of concrete and masonry structures. The lectures will be followed by exercises to provide participants with hands-on experience relevant to the presented theories.

Particular attention will be given to the nonlinear analysis of (reinforced) concrete structures with special emphasis on crack modelling, creep and shrinkage effect, pre/post-tensioning of concrete segments, dynamic analysis of masonry structures, wave propagation in soil medium and soil-structure interaction analysis. Delegates will learn good-practice in nonlinear finite element analysis. Consideration will also be given to the criteria needed in choosing from the different crack models that are available, convergence criteria, and specification of the relevant corresponding parameters for soil and masonry material models.


Finite Element analysis of Dams and Dikes with DIANA

Course - DamsAn in depth course focusing on dam/dike specific analyses such as construction phased, groundwater flow-stress and thermal-stress analysis. 

These, and other analyses covered within the course can be applied to dams under design, pre and post-construction and extension/strengthening.


Finite Element Geotechnical analysis with DIANA

Course - GeotechnicalThe course focuses on the application of finite element method in geotechnical analyses such as, amongst other, nonlinear construction phased, deformation and stability, groundwater flow-stress, drained and undrained, pile and piled-raft, and 3D excavation analysis.  

The lectures are followed by exercises to provide participants with hands-on experience.