DIANA licenses are based on SafeNet Sentinel HASP technology. We make use of both Sentinel HL hardlock as well as Sentinel SL (softlock) keys. Moving a license from one computer to another for Sentinel HL is simple. You install the HASP driver on the new computer and plug in the Sentinel HL USB key. For Sentinel SL keys this is a bit harder because the Sentinel SL key resides somewhere on the old computer and is based on a fingerprint of that computer. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you transfer the Sentinel SL license key to a new computer.

This document attempts to explain how to transfer a HASP softlock license for DIANA 9.5 and onward to a new computer.

Before we start

In order to be able to transfer an active Sentinel SL license key from one computer to another, you need to have access to both computers. You will not be able to transfer your HASP softlock license if your old computer is for example broken or stolen. You will also not be able to transfer the license when it has expired or has the "Cloned" status.

DIANA SL license keys can only be installed on Windows systems. You will not be able to transfer your DIANA SL license key to a linux system. 

Basic principle

Sentinel SL license keys use a fingerprint collected from the computer to prevent unauthorized copying. To be able to transfer a Sentinel SL license key to a new computer we need to provide a fingerprint of the new computer to the license manager on the old computer. The license manager on the old computer will then disable/remove the license on the old computer and generate a H2H (host to host) file that can be used to install the license on the new computer.

Tasks to be performed

Install the DIANA specific HASP driver

The Safenet Sentinel SL key used by DIANA require a DIANA specific HASP driver to be installed on the system. If this driver is not installed, old or does not contain the DIANA specific components you will still be able to collect a fingerprint of the new computer but later on you will not be able to transfer the license due to an "Incorrect Enforcement Type" error message. So, if you did not already do so, Install the DIANA specific HASP driver on the new computer. For your information: the DIANA specific HASP driver is automatically installed when you install DIANA.

When the driver is installed you can go to Sentinel Admin Control Center at http://localhost:1947. This is the management interface of the HASP driver.


In the above example there are no Sentinel Keys available. It is possible that you see one or more Sentinel Keys listed here. The location tells you if these are local keys or network keys installed on different computers made available over the network. The vendor shows who provided the Sentinel Keys listed. For Sentinel Keys delivered by DIANA FEA BV the vendor will be listed as "TNO DIANA BV" or "3659". If you already see those at this stage you might need to reconsider before transferring Sentinel Keys to this computer.

Get a fingerprint of the new computer

To get the fingerprint of the new computer we need the HASP RUS utility (dianahasprus.exe).  You can download this from https://dianafea.com/diana-downloads


Now start the HASP RUS utility. dianahasprus.exe.


In the HASP RUS utility go to the Transfer License tab, fill in the Save recipient information to field and click Collect and Save Information. This will show the following popup message.


As you can see in http://localhost:1947 there is still no key available on the new computer.


Create a host to host transfer file (.H2H)

Now that we have a fingerprint of the new computer, it is time to generate a host to host transfer file (.H2H) on the old computer. Before we start we first check if the key that we want to transfer is available. Go to http://localhost:1947 to see if the key is not cloned and afterwards go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/products.html to check if the license you want to transfer is available on the key.


In the above example a license for SL DIANA 9.5 is available on key 684732651704848746 on the old computer. Now start the same HASP RUS utility used to generate the fingerprint, this time on the old computer. Again, go to the Transfer tab.


You will see the license key listed in the Step 2 section of the dialog. If you see multiple keys, select the one that you want to move.

In the Read the recipient information file from box, select the fingerprint file created on the new computer.

In the Generate the license transfer file to box, specify the name of a new .h2h file.

Click Generate License Transfer File

There will be a popup message dialog to confirm the license transfer. Click Yes.


This results in yet another popup dialog that shows the location of the host to host transfer file.


In Sentinel Admin Control Center http://localhost:1947/_int_/products.html you can see that the licensed products are no longer available on the old computer.


Install license on the new computer

Now that we have the host to host (.H2H) file with the license details we can install this on the new computer. Again, start the HASP RUS utility on the new computer. This time go to the Apply License File tab.


At the bottom in the Update File box select the host to host transfer file generated on the old computer and click Apply Update. In the white space in the middle of this dialog you will see the progress of license installation as shown above. Now the license transfer is completed.

We do one final check to confirm the license is available. Go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/products.html. As you can see the product license is now available.