Two-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis on Shear Performance of RC Interior Beam-Column Joints Reinforced by a New Reinforcing Method

Zhang Dachang (Graduate School Sc. & Tech. Chiba Univ, Japan) Noguchi Hiroshi & Kashiwazaki Takashi (Dept. of Design and Architecture, Chiba Univ. Japan)

In order to study the seismic performance of RC interior beam-column joints reinforced by a new reinforcing method, two-dimensional finite element analysis was carried out, with the variations of reinforcing and bonding condition in a joint. Analytical results considering bonding slip between beam and column main bars and concrete in the joint showed a good agreement with the test results. Loading-deformation relations, stresses and strains in joint, the deformation ratio of the beam, column and joint, and deformation modes and failure modes were discussed. It was recognized that the new reinforcing method for the joint could improve bonding condition between beam main bars and joint concrete, and increase the joint shear capacity with changing the failure mode.

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