DIANA FEA BV is the developer of the DIANA finite element analysis software program.  This software is used worldwide by companies and universities. DIANA is utilised in the calculation of forces and prediction of deformation in structural and geotechnical applications.   This enables the design of structural and geotechnical projects to be optimised and for risks to be quantified. Worldwide interest in the application of advanced analysis is growing strongly.

DIANA FEA BV is a business whose key resource is its people. Staff are critical to the success of any company and the training, motivation and education of our personnel is a strong  objective. This approach continues to attract some of the best minds in the industry from around the world.

Providing the best software and support is our main objective.  We provide our staff with a refreshing range of work - across a broad spectrum of national and international clients. The team is a strong and cohesive group with different but complementary skills.  Every member has an important part to play and the team represents many years of experience in the field of computational mechanics.

We know that the continued success of DIANA FEA BV relies on attracting and developing talented people.  We are continuously looking for motivated new staff with specific technical and commercial backgrounds for both the development and distribution of the DIANA software.

To find out if we have a current opportunity to suit your skills, contact us via hr@dianafea.com.